About Carl Creasman

Carl Creasman's passion for communicating and challenging people to live well has taken him from his rural Tennessee hometown to speaking events across the country and around the world.

Carl's unique insights are informed by his experiences as an author, historian, pastor, and life coach.


live well. the message of carl creasman.

Carl Creasman Speaker

Carl has been a featured
speaker for events all
over the country and
world, from Seattle to Florida,
New Mexico to Boston, Haiti
to England.

Carl Creasman grew up in a small rural East Tennessee community -- no traffic lights and only two stop signs. A competitive swimmer, he had a pending scholarship to Auburn University when a career-ending injury ended that dream. Undaunted, he still attended Auburn where he proved himself as an elite student leader. Carl was inducted into Auburn's "Top 10 Sophomores" Honor Society (Squires) and commanded the stage as the intro emcee at "The Auburn Free Movie."

Carl graduated Auburn with a Bachelor's, double majoring in History and Psychology. After college, he completed his Master's Degree in History and later, earned a Master's of Divinity. During this time, Carl began what would be a lifelong passion for speaking and working with young adults.

Carl has been a featured speaker for events all over the country and world, from Seattle to Florida, New Mexico to Boston, Haiti to England.

Carl's uncommon ability to connect with people as a communicator comes in part from his diverse work background. Carl has coached an Olympic training swim team, worked in construction, and served as Student Pastor of a Central Florida church.

Carl has authored three books and contributed to a history textbook. He has also recorded five studio CDs with his band, Anodyne, and serves as Senior Pastor of a vibrant, young Central Florida church.

Since 2002, Carl has been a Professor of History at Valencia Community College, one of America's top community colleges. At VCC, Carl is known as a professor who challenges his students to work hard, strive for excellence, and-- above all-- to Live Well.

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  • As a keynote speaker, Carl engages the audience with his knowledge of the subject matter, personal interactions, and relevance. Whether speaking with a colleague, college student or someone he has just met, he immediately connects with them through his ability to understand their verbal and nonverbal communications and his sincere congenial disposition. His academic background complements his presentations very well. He has just the right mix of academia, common sense and humor to hold the attention of his audience.
    - Victor Felts
    Executive Director
    Southeastern Interfraternity Conference
  • Your words were inspirational, humorous, and timely. I especially appreciate your ability to communicate to the audience. Our students, many over the age of thirty, could relate to your stories and examples. Last week I met with several advisors [from around the state of Tennessee] who attended your session, and they were still commenting about the energy and enthusiasm that you showed during your presentation.
    - James T. King
    Vice Chancellor
    Tennessee Board of Regents
  • In a time when students are bombarded by so many options that it's become incredibly difficult to keep their attention, your presentation style and message quickly captured their interest and kept them engaged throughout the entire presentation. You have been a joy to work with; your professionalism and communication have been top notch.
    - Kelly Warren
    Collegewide Coordinator, Student Life and Leadership Development
    Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • Carl has a unique way to speak the truth in a way that communicates to a 21st century audience.
    - Bailey Marks
    Executive Director
    Crossroads International
  • Carl has a zeal for life that continues to inspire me. I consider myself blessed to journey through life with Carl as my friend.
    - Scott Allen
    National Collegiate Ministry
  • There are few people in our profession that can truly connect with our students and I firmly believe that it was what you were able to do. . .Your ability to quickly assess and become familiar with our college's environment was truly impressive since your message was better received and certainly more authentic.
    - Andy Hughes
    Assistant Director of Rollins Exploration:First Year Programs
    Rollins College
  • The way you connect to students, especially young, first-year students is truly amazing and admirable. The students not only respected you, but trusted you in a way that I haven't seen. Your message was profound, relatable and very well tailored to the four foundations of Camp Bearcat. I truly appreciate your expertise, knowledge, kind words and advice throughout the course of the weekend.
    - Nicole Lepone
    Assistant Director, Student Activities and Leadership Development
    University of Cincinnati
  • Your presentation on "Extreme Living Extreme Valor" drove home a message that was critical to the times we are living in. As you spoke to the audience about integrity, honor, & honesty, you could feel the emotion in the crowd as they took it in.
    - Michael Cowles
    State Director
    Ohio SkillsUSA
  • Mr. Creasman has a special talent that allows him to inspire, motivate and excite young people towards being the very best that can be. He delivers the kind of timely message that students need to hear. I highly recommends Mr. Carl Creasman as a motivational speaker for your next program or event. He understands and meets the needs of the students, while delivering a message that will change their lives.
    - Dr. Kermit L. Carter
    Dean for Student Affairs
    Calhoun Community College

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