April 30, 2010 at 8:50 am, by Carl

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s look at topics ranging far and wide. ┬áIn case you missed anything from this month, check these out:

Why I write for you–the manifesto for the entire site and my life in general

The Relationship Wall–are you slowly building an impenatrable wall between you and someone important in your life?

Understanding Rights–do you really get the idea of “rights?”

Game Over??–a look at how Nintendo might crush the world

Building Something Bigger–what exactly are you spending your life on?

Looming Technology–we’ve got more to come on this topic so don’t miss the start of the series

Time Keeps Wasting Away–ideas on how to avoid losing time on your Live Well Journey

Celebrating Life–a celebratory post for my daughter Logan’s birthday

Big Spenders??–and you thought we were in a recession.

Worry about future evils?–let the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien give you some guidance about dealing with future evils.

Weight of Corruption–how exactly does corruption damage us and what did the Founders fear about this?

Rise to the Occasion–never forget you have a spark inside!

Never Lose Hope–it takes hope to carry us through life.

Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Flash–What exactly does it mean to “open source?’