April 3, 2012 at 6:34 am, by Carl

My man Seth once again nailed it.  Take a look:


Of course, what we say doesn’t matter so much. What we do is what matters, and we have far more influence that we’d like to confess.

We say we want local merchants to offer great service, deep selection and community values, but we cross the street to the big box store to save $3.

We say we want companies to honor their promises and act transparently, but one new product or big discount from a business that has deceived us in the past and we come right back for more.

We say we’re disgusted with Congress, but almost all of us vote to re-elect the dufus we sent there in the first place.

We say we hate spam, but we send it. And sometimes buy from it.

We say we’d like people to think first and act later, but we get cut off in traffic and all bets are off.

We say we love art, the brave work that touches us, but we listen to oldies and rarely head out to hear live music or visit a cutting edge gallery.

Hypocrisy may be an epidemic, but the problem isn’t in what we say. It’s what we do.


Today is the Tuesday of Holy Week.   It’s been celebrated for going on 1400-1500 years, but the start goes back of course to Jesus, almost a full 2000 years ago.  Like him, loathe him, think him a fantasy, wish his followers would go away…the man had no hypocrisy.  And, his actions backed up his words, including the major “called shot” of dying and coming back alive again.


Make every day a choice to have your actions match and back up your words.  It’s actually hard to do, choosing to live that way—blending in, sliding around to ensure no one hates you, always walking on eggshells is a much easier way to go.   Look again at what Seth wrote and choose to live like Jesus…you can do it!